About Us

Serving the Industry
for over 60 Years

The Monroe Truck Equipment Mission and Vision

At Monroe Truck Equipment, we are an industry-leading truck equipment manufacturer, upfitter, and distributor with over 60 years of work truck expertise. With a talented team of industry experts on our side, we offer unparalleled custom engineering, installation, manufacturing, and distribution of performance-driven municipal, commercial, and fleet vehicles.

Monroe’s mission and vision are straightforward. We strive to provide our customers with a simple buying experience, dependable trucks and trailers, unrivaled product customization, and best-in-class customer support to meet all their truck equipment needs.

Our Story

Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc., started in 1958 in Monroe, WI. Through years of growth and the hard work of our employees across the Midwest, we are now one of the largest truck equipment manufacturing and upfitting companies in the country — and we are working toward many more decades of growth.

In 2022, Monroe joined the Aebi Schmidt Group, allowing us to fuel growth at a global level and continue to support our mission of moving communities forward with the esteem and prestige that Aebi Schmidt is known for.

Our mission, vision, and core values are integral to our company’s success. When we find ourselves facing any number of challenges, we turn to these values. They guide us in growth, finding new ways to collaborate, and providing industry-leading truck equipment and solutions. Most importantly, they help us to continually support our community and customers across the nation.

About Aebi Schmidt

The Aebi Schmidt Group is a global leader of intelligent solutions for the treatment of mission critical infrastructure areas and demanding terrain. Its ultimate mission is to improve the performance of its customers.

The unique variety of its range of products includes sweepers, street washers, jet sweepers, spreaders, sprayers, combination machines, snowplows, snow removal machines, and more. The group offers support and service programs perfectly tailored to sophisticated customer needs and offers the appropriate solution to nearly any challenge.

The portfolio consists of product brands such as Aebi, Schmidt, Meyer, Swenson, MB and more – all well-established brands on the market, some of which have been represented for more than 100 years.

Learn More at aebi-schmidt.com

Our Family of Brands

Monroe Commercial Truck Equipment is a leading commercial vehicle upfitter, offering one of the largest vehicle pools nationwide. Our experienced sales team and simple buying experience supports our dealerships customers and their end users. Our upfitting, nationwide Ship-Thru and marketing tools are all backed by our best-in-class customer support.

Southern Coach joined the Monroe Truck Equipment commercial team in late 2020.  Since 1979, Southern Coach has upfitted work ready vehicles while providing award-winning customer service to the North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee regions.  Visit Site >

Monroe Municipal Truck Equipment a leading municipal snow and ice control equipment manufacturer. By providing a simple buying experience, expertise, and high-performance solutions, municipalities around the country have the equipment and knowledge they need to improve safety and infrastructure in their community. Visit Site >

Towmaster manufactures America’s best built trailers for professional haulers. Towmaster invests in true partnerships with our dealers, rentals, and end users to provide industry insight, product training, and the best equipment in the industry to ensure long term ROI. Visit Site >

Towmaster Truck is an industry leading work truck manufacturer and upfitter located in Litchfield, MN. Towmaster Truck team members work closely with municipal customers ensure customers leave with the exact product they need to get their job done. Towmaster Truck specializes in building reliable truck solutions, backed by unmatched dedication and after sales service. Visit Site >