Monroe Truck Equipment Installer Employee Spotlight: Jeramie Freeburg

Aug 2, 2021

Monroe Truck Equipment celebrates the career of our Truck Equipment Installer at our Flint, MI location, Jeramie Freeburg. Jeramie, affectionately known as “Pedro,” has been with Monroe Truck Equipment for 20 years. 

As a Truck Equipment Installer, Jeramie is responsible for installing truck equipment. At times he manages a range of work including welding, wiring, and installing components onto trucks. He also modifies equipment, attachments, hydraulic systems, and other devices according to the blueprints and specifications of each custom piece. We can thank Jeramie for confirming the truck equipment we deliver to customers is safe He then tests all the equipment parts to ensure they are safe and operational. 

Jeramie grew up in the Flint area and currently resides in Swartz Creek with his family of five. When reflecting on what he enjoys the most about his career at Monroe Truck Equipment is the ability to always learn new things. He also stated how much he appreciates working with the Flint team, an important part of maintaining a long and rewarding career! 

When not at work, he looks forward to traveling to northern Michigan and working outside in his garden, building coops for his chickens along with other outdoor work. Jeramie is particularly interested in history. His dream trip is to travel to Europe to visit the beaches of Normandy to soak in all the WWII history in that region. 

Jeramie was selected for this special recognition because he has demonstrated excellent teamwork. He is consistently reliable, always willing to help out anyone that needs a hand, whether they are a customer or coworker. Jeramie is an all-around great employee that we can always count on! 

Teamwork is a core value at Monroe Truck Equipment. We use cooperation as a way to achieve common goals while helping the team grow individually and together.  Collaboration and problem solving make improvements to our products, processes, and communications. 

As a team, we are stronger together than apart, and we work to leverage individual strengths to help advance the success of our business. We are grateful to Jeramie and his crew for living up to our core values of teamwork every single day. 

Thank you, Jeramie, for your many years of hard work and great service to Monroe Truck Equipment!