Hosting A Facility Tour For The Students of Monticello Middle School

May 28, 2023

We love hosting tours, visiting schools, showing off our equipment and finding other ways to engage young kids who are just starting to think about how they will contribute to the world around them. We recently hosted a tour of our commercial shop in Monroe, WI for the students of Monticello Middle School. Even though these students are years away from thinking about their careers, or secondary education, opening their eyes to the many rewarding careers within the manufacturing industry can help spark the curiosity needed to build the future workforce. 

Team members Bob Smith, James Isely, Dale Malone, and Tracy Lange all talked to the students about their different departments, what their roles include and how they began their careers. Bill Rufi then took the students on a tour of the facility where students learned how we work on equipment that help communities across the country stay safe, clear and clean. 

This tour was so fun, and we’re happy to hear the students thought so too! We received cards from the students, thanking the tour guides and speakers, and expressing how cool it was to see careers where you could work with your hands all day! Bryce’s thank you note reads, “Dear Monroe Truck – I appreciate you guys allowing us to tour your facility! As someone who enjoys working with vehicles and machinery, it is cool for me to see that there are local businesses who allow people to work with these sorts of things every day.”

That’s what we love to hear when we host these sorts of events! We hope that these students continue to explore the skills needed to build a rewarding and challenging life ahead!