Monroe Sends Greeting Cards to Retirement Communities

Apr 26, 2020

When news of the Coronavirus was first spreading, one of the first protective measures put in place was restricting visitation in retirement homes. Elderly folks are the most vulnerable to Coronavirus, and it’s important that they stay isolated and safe throughout the pandemic. However, this left many residents in retirement communities in isolation and missing their usual visitations.

The Monroe Truck Equipment team saw an opportunity to brighten their day. Employees in our Marshfield and Monroe locations hand-wrote over 100 cards and sent them to area retirement homes. The team recognized that residents were without access to their friends and family who would visit under normal circumstances. These letters were an opportunity to make a connection and start correspondence with our eldery community members. 

We believe that these small, good acts have helped boost morale. Monroe Truck Equipment leadership is continually grateful for our team members who continue to step up in support of our community, and one another.