Monroe and MB Collaboration Builds Strong Partnership For Sister Companies

Jul 18, 2023

As our partnership with Aebi Schmidt continues to grow, we have more and more opportunities to share our skills and collaborate on projects to meet our customer’s demands. Recently, in our Monroe, WI location, our municipal team was able to take on an overflow project from our sister company MB. This project not only kept our team creative and active, we were able to help out the folks at MB and further explore this partnership and its mutual benefits.

The Monroe team finished several striping trucks for MB, a new challenge for the Monroe team, and one they were able to successfully complete by tapping into their experience. 

“The first unit required some thought and figuring things out. It’s not what we’re used to doing here, but it’s a challenge I think our team is up for,” said Kyle Keehn.

While it may have been unfamiliar territory, Kevin and the crew were confident they could rise to the occasion. Kyle stated that this was also an opportunity for continual education, and that even if the Monroe team doesn’t work on another striping truck, working on this project provided valuable insight and helped develop an appreciation for the other teams that are a part of the Aebi Schmidt Group. 

Striping trucks are important municipal tools, as they allow municipal teams to paint precise lines on roads, highways and parking lots that help drivers understand where the lane boundaries are, when it’s safe to shift lanes, and other important communication tools for driving safely. Equipped with pressurized painting systems, precise paint guns and rear camera systems, this truck will help ensure that the workers complete the job efficiently and correctly the first time. 

We are continuing to work on these awesome builds, and are enjoying the opportunity to demonstrate our team’s ingenuity and skill. Thank you to all the Monroe team members who have played a part in the success of this project, and MB for the opportunity to work on a new project and help support end users. Congratulations on your fantastic work!