Innovative Solutions To Combat Product Shortages

Aug 15, 2022

Like most businesses across the world, we have had to adjust to a new industry landscape. Product shortages, supply chain obstacles and labor challenges has led us to coming up with pretty creative solutions to our predicament. innovative 2

Gerald Hornick, the head of our QC department, recently engineered a pump system that is able to fill, transfer, and recover the antifreeze we install in customer units before delivery – without wasting a single drop!  

This could not have come at a better time, because with the global supply chain still in turmoil, the RV antifreeze we use has become the latest victim and is currently in very short supply.

Gerald puts the finishing touches on every single unit that is produced in the facility, and his knowledge of how the Monroe wet systems operate allowed him to create this original tool. 

When a wet system comes through, he is able to fill, test, calibrate, and recover the antifreeze that went into the unit. This allows us to reuse the product and eliminate wasteful spending. Hats off to Gerald for his innovative thinking and commitment to excellence. Keep up the good work Gerald, awesome job!