County Fair Cancelled, Local Business Still Supports Youth and Livestock Farmers

Sep 10, 2020

kaylee miller pig fairWith thousands of lakes across the state, temperate weather, and strong sunshine, Wisconsin summers are always a great time to get outdoors, socialize and enjoy the season. This year, of course, summer looks a little different. While we’re still able to get outside, one huge summer staple is missing this year: summer festivals and fairs.

When the Green County Fair was canceled, many area families were left without the opportunity to show and sell their animals. Local children who had worked hard all year to prepare for the Fair missed out on the tradition of competition.

county fair 3

Monroe Truck Equipment has a number of employees whose families participate in the Green County Fair each year, so the announcement to cancel the fair this year was felt deeply at their Monroe headquarters.

Leadership at Monroe Truck Equipment recognized an opportunity to continue some of the tradition and support area farmers who have experienced the stress of having to pivot during their most prosperous season.

This year, Monroe Truck Equipment bought animals directly from local team members and their families–a total of two steer and three hogs. The company is processing the animals and will be distributing the high-quality local meat to the rest of the Monroe Truck Equipment employees to bring a little bit of the Green County Fair tradition to life despite the cancellation of the festival itself. 

This supports the children of their community who have worked diligently all year long to raise high-quality livestock.

“We wanted to make sure our community and employees knew that despite all the changes this year, we’re still going to support them,” said Brittni Ackley, Monroe Truck Equipment’s HR Director. “Each year our team looks forward to receiving their cuts and celebrating with their peers. It’s not the same, but we’re happy to still be able to uphold the tradition.”

Monroe Truck Equipment also made monetary donations directly to the kids who fulfilled their beef and swine projects by showing their animals at this year’s replacement shows after the Fair was canceled. This was meant to help offset their losses from not being able to sell or show their animals as usual. The kids did not know they were getting any money beforehand–they came just because they love to show and wanted closure with their projects!

In addition to purchasing meat from team members and their families, and distributing it to the team, Monroe Truck Equipment is also donating cleaning supplies to local families who are pushing forward and finding new and safe ways to show their animals and auction their meat.

The Green County Fair, where several Monroe, WI families show their animals, is rescheduled for July 21st – 25th, 2021.