Incredible Upfit and Growth Opportunity for the City of Chicago’s Department of Street and Sanitation

Jun 25, 2023

We’re celebrating the success of Jerry LaCorte, Ryan Remington, Tyler Anderson and DJ Ochoa and the entire Heavy Duty team of our Joliet, IL location on their completion of a big project for the City of Chicago’s Department of Street and Sanitation. The team worked together on the municipal project that included upfitting three F650s to help the city meet its growing demands. 

The City of Chicago had been looking to expand their fleet of F550s, but due to industry challenges outside their control, they have not been able to acquire more F550s for over a year and  a half. At that point, Monroe’s own Jerry LaCorte proposed an alternative solution– to invest in F650s that were more readily available and easier to obtain. This suggestion led the whole project in a new direction. 

The larger CA (cab-to-axle) size of the bigger trucks presented a unique challenge for our team, and Ryan, Tyler and DJ came up with a creative solution to fill that extra space. They incorporated stainless-steel toolboxes that not only solved the larger CA challenge, but offered our customers more storage solutions. 

Jerry LaCorte’s work led to an even bigger win for the Monroe team: with the support of Monroe’s Chad Schwebke and BOSS sales rep, Mike Mindok, Jerry arranged an in-person demonstration of BOSS products at their Chicago location. The Chicago leaders were so impressed by the demo and the BOSS plows that they actually altered their order, replacing their original plow purchases with BOSS products– a huge collaborative win from our entire team! 

This was an incredible demonstration of our team’s collective talent, insight and expertise. Solving one of our customer’s challenges led to a much larger project that we know our team will successfully tackle in the months to come. Congrats to the entire Joliet team, we are proud of your work and grateful for the impact you make for our customers every day!