Cheers To Brandon Guido, TE Installer At Our Joliet Location

Apr 12, 2023

This month we’re celebrating Brandon Guido, a Truck Equipment Installer who has been a part of our Joliet, IL team for six years. During his time here, he has aided in completing dozens of builds, creating safe and efficient solutions for our customer’s variety of challenges. 

Brandon is a skilled installer. Through his years, his expertise has grown and he now trains other employees in the role.  He takes pride in seeing them excel at the job, “It feels very rewarding to train new associates and see how they improve day by day, and after time they become experts at the job.”

Brandon comes to work every day excited to work on different projects, including the challenging ones! When he’s not at work, he enjoys visiting new places. Although, he sometimes likes to stay home and catch up on shows or movies instead.

Thanks, Brandon, for all of the work that you do!