Celebrating Our Joliet Team: Carlos Villalobos

Apr 14, 2022

We want to celebrate our team member Carlos Villalobos, who has been a member of the Monroe Truck Equipment team in Joliet, IL for 23 years. We are incredibly grateful that Carlos continues to share his skills and talent with our team, and our customers.  He helps build our heavy duty trucks from the ground up, which he cites as his favorite part of the job. 

One of Carlos’ favorite Monroe Truck Equipment memories was a family picnic we hosted years ago. He said it was a great opportunity to meet all of his coworkers’ families, as well as spend some quality time together outside of a work environment. 

When Carlos is not working, he enjoys taking vacations with his wife and doing yard work. He coaches a youth soccer team, while also participating in an indoor, outdoor and veteran soccer league. 

Carlos has become such an integral part of our team. We are grateful for all he does for us, and our Joliet community at large.